Sad Story

I know I told a lot of you guys last week at Ama-Con that I would be resuming my old MWF schedule for the comic at the end of this month, but after careful thought I’ve decided to keep updates to only once a week, on Friday, for the time being. I’m really enjoying working on the strip at the pace that I’ve been doing it. I’m not pressured to have something up every other night and that gives me more of reign to explore things that make the comic better - mainly compositions within panels.

The biggest drawback to only updating a strip once a week is that it takes a lot longer to tell a story than I usually like, but since I compile strips once a year, we can at least read them at a faster pace when I print the books - which is a plus for buying the books :)

As I usually do after each con, I have spent this week thinking and making lists. Lists of where to take the comic and my illustration career for the rest of the year and a bit beyond. I’m throwing more of myself into Design-A-Super as well as pushing my drawing ability a lot more. Next month will see the return of the Robot Friday Sketchcast as well.

I’ve been moping around for too long as of late, time to light a fire under my butt, draw until my hands crap up and then draw some more! So help spread the comic word!